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7 Reasons to advertise with us....

1. Competitive prices

You can advertise with us at very competitive prices you can afford.
Because we don't have the overheads that other radio stations have, ie presenters and sales staff we can offer fantastic deals to get on the radio.
  to see our advertising price list.

2. Awesome muisc your listeners remember

Here at Totally 80's Radio its all about the era of the 80's. Its music and nostalga all the way with every song a hit you remember.

3. Radio reaches out to people in every walks of life

Listeners use radio for emotional reasons - to keep their spirits up, to stop themselves from feeling bored in a car or isolated while doing daily chores. This leads to them seeing radio as a of friend, and this is a valuable context for an advertiser to appear in.
It is even more powerful when advertising extends through into branded content - sponsorships & promotions

4. The power of radio!

Radio was and still is the most powerful media available today. Its in our lives in the car, at home, at work and on the go. Subliminal advertising can be put into peoples minds without them even knowing you are selling them something.
Radio is used as a background filler in bars, restaurants and shops and you can hit your target audience from one pace to another.

5. We are different to all other radio stations

Being a unique radio station puts us ahead of the competition.
No other radio station is like us..."Its as though you are listening to the radio in the 80's"
Other radio stations play similar music, follow the same format and dont really stand out from the crowd.
Here at Totally 80's Radio we pride ourselves as being the FIRST unique radio station to offer a complete 80's feel package with 80's NEWS, 80's COMMERCIALS and 80's MUSIC!

6. Out of the catchment area?

Totally 80's has a huge following online and just because our fm signal is out of the a listeners area, it doesn't mean that they cant listen.
Available online, on your iphone, android phone, ipad and your computer via Tunein, Totally 80's is accessible to everyone.

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